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1984 Scoula de Bella Arte. Perugia, Italy. Fine Art studies

1987  University of Colorado at Boulder. Bachelor of Fine Arts

1992  The school of the Art Institute of Chicago. Post Baccalaureate Studies

1995  The school of the Art Institute of Chicago. Master of Fine Arts


1989 Hyatt Regency Key West. Key west, Florida. Painted mural of landmark building, 8’x25’.

1996 San Diego Children’s museum. San Diego, California. Painted mural of aquantic life. 10’x30’.



1987 Morrell gallery, Key West, Florida

1987 Carol Art Miami. Miami, Florida

1993 Richard Himmel. Ecole de Salon. Chicago, Illinois.

1994 Hinsdale Art Center.Still Life in Chicago. Hinsdale, Illinois.

1994 Nippon steel. Art and Appreciation. Chicago, Illinois.

2004 Clark House Museum/ Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs.

Chicago Women’s Park and Gardens. For the Birds Exhibition.

2000 -- 2011 Elizabeth Mare Art   Chicago,  Annual show

2008 -2012 Judy Maxwell Home Chicago 

2012 Elizabeth Mare Art Gallery Lake Ganivea WI.



2015 Elizabeth Mare Art Gallery Lake Ganivea WI.

2015 KIAF Korea international art fair 


2001 ABC Television, The Joan Cusak Show. Chicago, Illinois. 7 paintings for the set of the show.

2004 WTTW Television, Check please. Chicago, Illinois. On-going display of paintings for the set of the show.


1989 Mel Fischer Maritime Society. Key West, Florida. Scientific Illustator for artfacts from the wrecks of the Atocha, and the Santa Margarita.

1992 Field Museum of National History, Life over time exhibit. Chicago, Illinois. Painted dinosaur displays and fossil reproductions.


Sotheby’s. ArtLink International Young Artist.

2005  Ed Paschke Tribute show

The Art Institute of ChicagoTour, Studio and Home

2007 Museum of Contemporary Art Tour. Studio and Home

The Art Institute of ChicagoTour, Studio and Home         

2008 The school of the Art Institute of Chicago “America’s studio.” (Promotional Video)

The Art Institute of Chicago. Bloupunkt Company Calendar.
1994 Deans Grant School of the Art Institute of Chicago.



1996 The Chicago Tribune. Tempo. November 28, 1996. Lead article. What! No Turkey. Messing with Thanksgiving tradition can mean more that just changing the menu.

1997 Design Times.                  

2002  The Chicago Tribune. Home and Design magazine. Industrial lark; Behind on old brick wall hides a refuge of light and space; art and color.

2004 Chicago Reader. May 16, 2004. Lead Article. Home and Garden, Secrion 15. Modern Man Series, “The Wild One”

          The Desert Sun. June 5,2004. “The Wild One”

          For The Birds. Exhibition. 2004. The Clarke House Museum & Chicago Women’s Park and gardens.

2007  The Chicago Tribune. June 8, 2007. On the Town, artist to get to know, Rooms with a Muse.

           The Chicago Tribune. February 8, 2007. At Play-Chicago’s Best Guide to Dining and Leisure.

Chicago Scene. February 04. Artwork for Marche Restaurant

2008  Chicago Reader. March 27, 2008. Front Cover, Lead Article. Design: Nest Issue, The Artist: Brian Bonebrake, West Loop.

2009 Metromix. On CLTV Entertainment Show.  “The Amazing Home of Artist Brian Bonebrake”

WGN TV Mornign Show with Ana Belavel. “Around Town”



Wrigley Family. Chicago, Illinois

Sara Lee Corporation. Chicago, Illinois. Reproductions of Masters Paintings: George Braque, Marino Marini.

Florsheim Shoes Corporate Headquarters. Chicago, Illinois. 2000-2001.

Las Vegas Health Club. Las Vegas, Nevada.

West National Bank. Denver, Colorado.

Design Times, Boston, Massachusetts

Eric Soderholm. Professional Baseball Player. Chicago, Illinois.

Joan Cusak. Actress. Chicago, Illinois

Wesley M. Dixon. President of The Art Institute of Chicago.

David Pollack, President of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Yoji Nakamura. President of Nippon Steel.

Joe Sibiondo. President of Pacific Northwest University.

Michael Veitchg. Former Editor Chicago Sun-Times.

Barbara Gaines. Founder and Artistic Director of Chicago Shakespeare Theatre.

Bob Mars Vice President of the Art Institute of Chicago

Anthony Marline- CEO Seara Health Services Las Vegas 

Harold Muller -Directer David Chipperfield Architects -Berlin

Dr. Brunner - Madison,WI

Debbie Leff - Washington D.C.



Red Trike Art Co.Gallery. Founder and Owner. Chicago, Illinois.1995----




Ellen Wallece- Fine Art consultant - Chicago 1995 - on-going

Red Trike Art Co. - Brian Bonebrake/Owner - Chicago 1992 & Steamboat Springs CO- on-going l

Insa gallery- Soule Korea

James O Stola Art,Gallery Row  Chicago 

Jace Romick gallery  ......Steambaot Springs Co. 

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